Meet The Founder




I’m currently a stay at home mom of four girls and expecting a 5th. I’ve always had a passion for hair and making hair products. I noticed that my girls all had different hair textures and finding the right products was becoming a hassle. I knew what their hair needed and what the products I was buying lacked.I began mixing my own organic products and using them on both my clients, myself and my daughters and that’s how 4 Girlz And A Mom came about. 4 Girlz And A Mom is my biggest baby. My company was created in my heart. It’s a %100 organic homemade hair growth line. Everything is made from hand literally. I specialize in optimizing hair growth without compromising your hair textures. My products aren’t  made in some factory with millions of chemicals you can’t even pronounce and best of all my products can be used on the entire household.